Going Up in the world of Fashion

I've always been told that I can be a little bit opinionated, that I don't know when to shut up and that I call a spade a spade, so I thought that I might as well put these charming comments to good use which is why I have created Going Up and Going Down; my guide to what should be celebrated and mocked each week.

Tom Hughes

With cheekbones like this, it's no wonder that his most recent role as a MI5 agent in BBC 2's The Game can crack codes by method of seduction. Not only can he act but he was the face of Burberry alongside Emma Watson; style and talent, what more could a girl want?!


70's trends

My favourite fashion era! Flares, floppy hats, floral, suede, platforms, knee high boots and gypsy dresses! J'adore!


John Galliano

After a turbulent 2011 following his anti-semantic rant and a very public sacking from Dior, John Galliano is back, looking more stylish and healthy than ever. A self confessed alcoholic and addict who fell to the pressures of having to produce 32 collections a year for Dior – this would turn anyone to drink - is now successfully rehabilitating himself and his career.



Fashion, you never seem to fail me! I've been a huge fan of double denim, and SS15 did not disappoint! Marks and Spencer has outshone all others on the high street for denim, with it's stunning range of dresses, culottes and midi skirts, no wonder its sales are increasing, it could be as a result of their denim designs alone!