Formal Fashion

I don't know about you, but the moment I hear the giant thud of an overdone wedding invitation fall through my letterbox, my first thought isn't the venue, how I will get there, the cost of the day itself, sometimes it isn't even the bride and groom: it's 'what am I going to wear?'


Self indulgent - yes I know - but what to wear to a wedding as a guest is a mine field: so many other judgemental guests ready to give you the oh-so-subtle raised eyebrow. I know this look, I have been guilty of this on more occasions that I care to remember.


The obvious wedding faux-pas is white – not just a white dress, but white of any kind. I wanted to wear a white trouser suit (circa Dallas) to a semi-friend's wedding, but I was sternly warned off this by my husband. Red is also, according to my Mother, a no go. I learned this on a very arduous shopping trip with her for my own wedding, as if I wasn't already stressed without adding my Mother's concerns about other guests thinking she was a temptress.


Then there is your hem length and cleavage to contend with, no bride wants her wedding photographs with a side of cellulite and nipple, however much this might please the photographer or grooms-men.


The weather here in the UK is not even worth considering as it can never be trusted regardless of when the big day is.


Luckily, the high street has made female wedding guests lives a whole lot easier ,with some amazing trends: midi dresses, florals, jumpsuits, bold colours and co-ords. You never know, it might be easier than you think!