Interior Design

When my husband and I bought our first house almost a year ago, I imagined myself to be like Carrie Bradshaw – cheating on fashion with fabric, floating elegantly around my house, admiring my one of a kind pieces and being slightly smug that not only do I have my own individual style, but so does my home. But like most things in Sex and the City, real life doesn’t really pan out like that. I do not have an endless pit of money to decorate my house, nor the spare time to do it, and I am terrified of doing the wrong thing only to have to replace it – this I have done many times.

Instead, it has taken me the best part of a year to remove the acid-trip style wallpaper from my living room, turn a nursery into a den/dressing room and add a few accessories to my bathroom. I finally feel like I am starting to get the hang of it, so I thought I would show you a few of my house make overs.

Fresh flowers can add character to any room but they can also make quite a dent in your weekly shopping bill, especially when you have to are buying at least three bunches a week! I have finally given in and gone back to the ever faithfull and fuss free artificial flowers. Since flowers are very individual I didn't want to settle for the generic selection on offer at Ikea – don't get me wrong Ikea is great for all sorts - but I believe it is the little details that add character to your home, rather than a chest of drawers! Luckily I have found an amazing cash and carry for artificial flowers and home accessories – Country Baskets. Ladies, I warn you now, this is not a place to take your other half as it is bursting to the seams of decorative, but useless, home accessories, so much so that it can make even the most decisive of women indecisive, and will undoubtedly even test the strongest of relationships.


I managed to stick to my choices of sunflowers and hydrenyas. Sunflowers have always been a firm favourite of mine, they just seem so happy, and I have recycled the large milk bottles which first made an appearance at my wedding as centrepieces. My new flower of choice are hydrenyas; they strike me as being very opoluent but not quite as prim-and-proper as roses. I also can't get enough of ennamel jugs as vases, and I love how this table flower arrangement adds colour to my kitchen, without very little effort.


Bathrooms: never the easiest of rooms to individualise, usually because of the fittings and the size, but I decided to opt for white artifical flowers and candles to add a touch of glamour and calm to an uninspiring room. All of my bathroom accessories have bought from either Asda at Home or TK Maxx, and I am happy to admit that the bathroom is the room in the house where I will make savings, so I can splurge on other rooms.


My living room is still a bit of a work in progress but we are certainly a far cry away from the previous décor, thank god! There was nothing particulary awful about the previous décor but almost the polar opposite of my style. I have replaced the statement wallpaper with a deep blue feature wall and set this off with white features, such as the fireplace, mirror, pircture frames and picture rail. The rest of the walls are an off silver which is a similar colour to our sofa. The paint is from Farrow and Ball, and the colours are stiffkey blue and blue gray.   


My most beloved purchase to date is the console table and bentwood chair, that I am sitting at as I type away. Both of these were bought from Etsy which is my new obsession. They have fantastic one of a kind pieces which might cost a little more, but this is about investment furniture that will go with you up the property ladder!